Production Line



This is the first stage where the rough diamonds are assorted and divided with different lot number as per there size, color & clarity.

cvd rough diamonds, labgrown diamonds, HPHT diamonds


In this stage diamond is taken for galaxy mapping & manual sarin planning depends on the diamonds size's, this is stage where we get the exact 3D video images of rough diamonds as shown in the image.

polished cvd diamonds, polished labgrown diamonds, polished HPHT diamonds, galaxy planning, sarin planning


In this stage the 3D images of rough diamonds are used for planning, the planning is done by our skilled planner with parameter of GIA and IGI.

galaxy planning, sarin planning, cvd diamond, labgrown diamond, hpht diamond


In this stage rough diamonds are given for marking as per the planning and further it will be given to laser cutting department then after it is taken for final marking as per the shape which its has been planned as shown in below image.

cvd diamond, labgrown diamond, hpht diamond, 4P, diamond marking


This is the final stage in which marked diamond is given for 4P and then it is taken for the cutting which is done by our skilled cutter

polished cvd diamond, polished labgrown diamond, polished hpht diamond, polished diamond

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